Alessio Tudisco | LightDestory

Computer Science student at Università degli Studi di Catania
Junior Desktop/Web Developer
SysAdmin (Database, Network, Web)

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My projects are publicly available on GitHub. Check my repositories maybe something can be useful for you!

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About me

Hi, I'm Alessio and I'm a 20 yo Junior Desktop&Web developer. I'm a young italian boy from Sicily, extreme south of Italy. I graduated with 100-plus mark from a technical high school where I studied Computer Science and Telecommunications.

Currently I am a Computer Science university student at University of Catania, Department of Mathematics and Informatics (DMI), in Sicily (Italy).

On the digital world of Internet I often use a nickname such as "LightDestory", with that you can mainly find me on platforms such as GitHub, Youtube, tech-forums but also on videogames. I have worked on few projects such as CCleanerUpdater, Visual Studio 2017 Offline Customizer, some portable packaging and others things, all of them available on my GitHub.

I have knowledge of C/C++, C#, Java, Databases (SQL based), PHP, basic Javascript and HTML/CSS. Moreover recently I have experienced the management of a server, so I am learning also the SysAdmin role.

I am a junior developer but I am still learning and improving my skills! I hope I can help you.


As you can see from this chart I am aiming to became a software engigneer and a full-stack developer. I am still young and I am continuosly improving my skills. In general I think that a chart is unable to express in a good way the capabilities of a person but it can be used as a nice visual component to list my skills and let you know how much confident I feel with a specific workload.


I strongly believe that open-source is one of the most important cause on the IT world. Being able to contribute on any type of open-source project to make nicest software makes us programmers like a very big family.

A person can't be perfect, no one is able to do everything but if we share our projects and make them open-source we will get the chance to get help from people that have more experience of us and continue our growth.

Our world is becoming more and more dependent of Internet & Software, nowadays it is very unbelievable imagine our self without their support: how many times our daily actions make use of Internet?

So, I think that all the programmers around the world should think twice about the what are they coding and the usage that will be done. We must carry the responsibilities of our own code. 

I will never write down code with the aim to hurt someone or damage something. 


My main projects are all publicly available on my GitHub as repositories. Check them, maybe something can be useful for you and, if possible, contribuite to make them more useful!

I am not going to list them on this webportal because I am not planning to often update it, so it is better to look direcly on my GitHub.

Go to my GitHub

Socials & Communities

Currently I am active on several social platforms and forums. Soon I will make my own blog to share my thoughts and provide support for anything that can't be placed on GitHub.

Who don't know GitHub nowadays?
It is the largest developers' community where you can publish your projects or contribute on others' project as well.

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The main aim of my YouTube channel is showcase my projects with short videoclips. Moreover it will contains tutorials of specific topics.

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On the blog I post my thoughts about IT topics and everything else that can't be published on GitHub such as the detailed version of my tutorials.

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Who don't know Linkedin nowadays?
It is the largest professional network where employers posts jobs and job seekers posts their CVs.

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I spend a lot of time with a computer, improving my developer skills but it is obviously that I play games too. I play less and less but I still do.

Visit to my Steam profile


To communicate with me there are mainly three ways, each of them with a different reply time.